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General Overview

MANAGELEX is a generic lexicon management tool, that permits the user to create, read, convert, and combine (merge) lexicons. It is designed in such a way that makes it format, language and platform independent. This tool is not intended for replacing the present standards, but for managing the already existing lexicons (standard or non-standard).


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Following the ANSI data modeling specification (1999), the MANAGELEX structure is made of three levels of abstraction:
  • the meta model level: It contains real objects, their concrete features and the relations that can appear between them. These objects correspond to the encoded lexicon files (Doc), entry files (Entry), and to the structure lexicon files (Struct).
  • the model level: It contains objects and attribute classes (real world objects with their features) and rearranges the relations between them. These objects correspond to the tools: structure tool (Structtool), editing tool (Edittool), mapping tool (Mapptool), and encoding tool (Encodtool).
  • the real world level: It deals with objects that appear in the model level and with the relations between them. There are proposed three models as object of this level: the lexicon model (Lexmod), the mapping model (Mappmod), and the encoding model (Encodmod).

The operations that can be done with Managelex are:
  • creating or updating a lexicon structure,
  • creating or updating a lexicon entries,
  • reading a lexicon, and
  • merging two lexicons.

Tools and Models


Here you can find existing publications about Managelex.


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