"The Anatomy of the Natural Language Dialogue System HAM-RPM"
Walther v. Hahn, Wolfgang Hoeppner, Anthony Jameson, Wolfgang Wahlster

ABSTRACT: HAM-RPM is a dialogue system which converses with a human partner in colloquial German about limited, but interchangeable scenes. The objective of this report is to give a detailed, complete and self-contained description of the system in its present state of implementation. After a discussion of the goals and methodological principles which guide our research and a short introduction to the implementation language an overview of the system's architecture, of its knowledge base and of the domains of discourse is given. Then each processing phase from the analysis of natural-language input to the generation of a natural-language utterance is described in detail. The examples used during these descriptions are supplemented by transcripts of complete dialogue sessions. Finally HAM-RPM's programming environment is described.

Thanks to Wolfgang Wahlster, who re-edited the old paper in modern format!

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