Curriculum Vitae Wolfgang Menzel

1971-1978 Student and Research Student, Department of Information Technology, Technological University Dresden
- Speech-Language-Interface in Speech Understanding Systems
1979 Doctor's Degree (Dr.-Ing.) Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technological University Dresden
1978-1990 Central Institute of Linguistics, Academy of Sciences, Berlin
- Text-to-Speech-Synthesis
- Morphological Analysis
- Syntactic Parsing
- Error Diagnosis for Language Learning
1991-1992 Research Group for Computational Linguistics, Berlin
- Error Diagnosis for Language Learning
- Lexical Ressources in Spoken Language Systems
1992-... Department of Computer Science, University of Hamburg
- Architectures for Speech and Language Processing
- Resource-Constrained Language Analysis
- Robust Parsing
- Systems and Tools for Foreign Language Learning

-- WolfgangMenzel -- 15 Oct 2003
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