Arne Köhn

You can reach me the following ways:

If you write my name without an umlaut, add an e after the o: Köhn -> Koehn.

My dissertation project is about predictive parsing, i.e. creating syntactic structure for yet unfinished sentences. You can see it in action here:


Current Teaching



  • Most software is linked above for each paper.
  • jwcdg git repository - a reimplementation of cdg written in java. Done by NielsBeuck and me.
  • our toolbox for working with incremental input&output&evaluation (mainly parsing). Tools for the cda format as used by the HDT.

Other activities

  • Reviewing: Coling 2018 (acknowleded as outstanding reviewer), ACL 2017 (acknowledged for providing one or more outstanding reviews by the PC, yay!), EACL 2017 (secondary), COLING 2016 (secondary), SLUNIPS 2015
  • Uni Hamburg committees (I tried to get rid of most, but some require PhD students, who seem to be very rare):
    • Member of the Academic senate of Hamburg university for (2009-2013)
    • Member of the student committee for computer science (2005-2009)
    • Extended steering committee Dep. Informatics (2006-2011)
    • Expert commite of Hamburg University for inspecting academic misconduct (2015-)
    • Founding member of the Server-AG (providing services such as xmpp)
    • And many more university committees which are too much work to translate:
      • Fach-Promotionsausschuss Informatik
      • MIN-Promotionsausschuss
      • Zentralausschuss für Nachwuchsförderung
      • Prüfungsausschuss Diplom
      • Studienreformausschuss / Studienkommission
      • Studiengebührenausschuss

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