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-- MichaelDaum -- 12 Dec 2003

Looks neat. How about contributing this Plugin to the TWiki community at TWiki:Plugins.PluginPackage?
-- TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny - 04 Sep 2004

I'll Second that. I think we could use it to improve our development process on

I noticed there's no data held in the VotePlugin topic for the vote . Is it held outside the Topic somewhere?

Yes. I'll package that thing asap.

-- MichaelDaum - 12 Oct 2004, 19:56:28

Thanks a lot, it would be great to share your plugin!

-- WikiGuest - 21 Oct 2004, 09:59:04

I'd still very much like to see this packaged and contributed back to the TWiki community. It could be just what we need to create a voting mechanism for the new Change Request process that we're going to introduce as I think it would scale much better than topic searches. ( See TWiki:Codev/ProposedNewFormsInCodev#VotePlugin )

Are there currently any styles other than bar?

-- TWiki:Main.SamHasler - 06 Nov 2004, 05:24:39

No. This is just a quick rewrite/inspiration reading the PollPlugin.
-- MichaelDaum on 09 Nov 2004, 09:32:29

Is it possible to print the bargraph ?
-- WikiGuest on 12 Nov 2004, 11:53:42

I'm note sure what you mean by that ...
-- MichaelDaum on 12 Nov 2004, 12:03:29

At, the graph seems to be not printable : is it normal or anything is wrong with my browser ?
-- WikiGuest on 12 Nov 2004, 14:28:50

You have to be able to print in color in your browser, that is disable printer-friendly mode. Which one do you use? Is the printer-friendly-mode-toggle missing in your browser?
-- MichaelDaum on 12 Nov 2004, 14:41:51

Ok, I'm able to print in my browser, using both IE and firefox, but not on my printer
-- WikiGuest on 12 Nov 2004, 14:53:59

Hm, I'm holding a printout of VotePlugin in my hands, and the bars are there. I'm inclined to say that you've a printer driver issue not rendering the colors into grayscales correclty (assuming you've got no colorprinter). Can you print other html with colored div / span elements (this is a test bar)? Try to create one yourself for testing your browser/printer.
-- MichaelDaum on 12 Nov 2004, 15:44:19

Thanks a lot Michael for your advice, but on my colorprinter the bars don't appear in printout (neither in preview). I'm able to print html links but not your test bar.
-- WikiGuest on 12 Nov 2004, 16:42:33

Sorry for that. But that's no VotePlugin issue, is it?
-- MichaelDaum on 12 Nov 2004, 16:53:22

Hey, now here it is. I made a tarball for this plugin on the VotePlugin page.
-- MichaelDaum on 25 Nov 2004, 16:22:00

Thanks Michael! -- TWiki:Main.SamHasler
-- WikiGuest on 02 Dec 2004, 23:18:45

There's a new version available including security fixes and unfortunately a new syntax. There's only one macro which specifies the vote and render its results.
-- MichaelDaum on 07 Mar 2005, 16:54:14

Just installed new version on new TWiki installation (using lastest beta version) and when I try to load the VotePlugin topic, I get this error message: Undefined subroutine &TWiki::normalizeFileName called at ../lib/TWiki/Plugins/ line 338.

Thanks for making this plugin available! -- TWiki:Main.LynnwoodBrown
-- WikiGuest on 10 Mar 2005, 22:46:39

Hi Lynnwood,

sorry that I didn't mention that more clearly. But the VotePlugin has already been written using the security patches from that fix the TWiki:Codev/UncoordinatedSecurityAlert23Feb2005. I will make the more clear on TWiki:Plugins/VotePlugin.
-- MichaelDaum on 11 Mar 2005, 10:02:40

Michael - Thanks so much for follow-up. OK, I applied security patch and the topic loads fine now. But when I tried out the sample poll, then I get this error message: Undefined subroutine &TWiki::getLocaldate called at ../lib/TWiki/Plugins/ line 302. -- TWiki:Main.LynnwoodBrown
-- WikiGuest on 11 Mar 2005, 20:14:03

This function seems to have disapeared in later versions (after beijing) of TWiki. I've attached a patch for to fix this.
-- MichaelDaum on 14 Mar 2005, 09:12:44

I installed latest version which includes your patch and now I get a different error message: Undefined subroutine &TWiki::Cache::invalidateEntry called at ../lib/TWiki/Plugins/ line 324. Looks like perhaps this is getting caught up by recent reorganization of TWiki code. frown I hope you're not beginning to regret sharing this with the larger TWiki community! - Lynnwood
-- WikiGuest on 15 Mar 2005, 22:42:27

Oh, sorry. This is my fault. There's still code within this plugin that just runs on my hacked TWiki engine. Please feel free to comment out line 324. I'll upload a new VotePlugin package.
-- MichaelDaum on 16 Mar 2005, 09:00:58

Just a quick note to confirm that your lastest upload worked fine on Cairo. Thanks again for your efforts! I really like what you've been doing here on the nats site and really appreciate your making the effort to share some of your innovations back to the community. I know it's not a simple process. - Lynnwood
-- WikiGuest on 16 Mar 2005, 21:37:15

For some reason when I use

<div class="Vote"><form action="/vote/TWiki/VotePluginDev" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="id" value="FavoritMeal"/>
<table class="VoteSelect">
<td><select name="Drink" size="1">
<option selected value="">Select ...</option>
<td><select name="Food" size="1">
<option selected value="">Select ...</option>
<td><input type=submit value="OK" style="color:green"/></td></tr>
<div class="VoteResult"><table><tr><td>


I directly get the text form of it. it does not become a bar graph with pull down menus.

-- PraveenRaghavan on 19 Apr 2005, 17:18:21

For some reason when I use VOTE{id="FavoritMeal" style="bar" select1="Drink" options1="Beer,Wine,Milk,Water" select2="Food" options2="Steak,Bread,Pasta,Pizza"}

I directly get the tex alone. The menus do not appear.

-- PraveenRaghavan on 19 Apr 2005, 17:36:34

Wow. What's going on here? In MichasVoteTest everything seems alright...
-- MichaelDaum on 19 Apr 2005, 17:44:41

I am not sure why this is happening. It your wiki it seems to work fine. But when I copy paste the tex t for a VOTE command in my wiki it just appears as text and the drop down doesnot seem to come.

-- PraveenRaghavan on 19 Apr 2005, 17:52:30

You can see the similar thing in the Twiki webpage:
-- PraveenRaghavan on 19 Apr 2005, 17:59:21

But the VotePlugin isn't installed on
-- MichaelDaum on 19 Apr 2005, 18:03:19

I commented out the form above and added a proper VOTE tag below. Works. Hm.
-- MichaelDaum on 19 Apr 2005, 18:07:12


%VOTE{id="FavoritMeal" style="bar" select1="Drink" options1="Beer,Wine,Milk,Water" select2="Food" options2="Steak,Bread,Pasta,Pizza"}%




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