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Winter term 2017/18

Datum Vortragender Titel comments
17.10.2017 Bendikt Adelmann Kombination graphenbasierter und distributioneller Modelle für multilinguale Bedeutungsrepräsentation MSc-Arbeit

Summer term 2017

Datum Vortragender Titel comments
4.4.2017 all organization, short talks  


Sara Kohail

Benjamin Milde

Matching reranking and scoring

Multi-task GPU-based speech recognition



Steffan Remus

Amr Salama


Scoring Semantic Textual Similarity Using Supervised and Unsupervised Ensemble

25.4.2017 Eugen Ruppert Master Talks  
2.5.2017   ---  
9.5.2017 Rasmus Warrelmann Klassifizieren von Flugzeugfehlern mit Subspace Learning  


Martin Riedl

Felix Hennig

Using pseudowords for algorithm comparison for word sense induction

Dependency tree schema conversion with tree transducers

Nodalida talks


Abhishek Kumar

Alexandra Krah

Semeval-2017, Task 5: Sentiment detection in financial texts

Lautdauerelastizität und Sprechgeschwindigkeit



Ahmed El Safty

Arne Köhn

Dense vector representations for document similarity

Spoken Wikipedia Corpora, predictive parsing

6.6.2017   ---  
13.6.2017 Fabian Barteld Detecting spelling variants with neural networks  


Stefan Westerfeld

Sebastian Beschke

Morphing der Klangfarbe von Musikinstrumenten durch Spektralmodellierung

Syntactic-semantic CCG/AMR parsing


27.6.2017   ---  


Tobias Staron

Özge Alaçam

A Hybrid Approach to Syntactic Parsing Incorporating Contextual Knowledge

Towards a Systematic Analysis of Linguistic and Visual Complexity



moved to


Martha Yifiru Tachbelie

Christine Köhn

Research Developments in Amharic Speech Recognition

Corpus annotation and grammatical error diagnosis

29.08.2017 Ahmed El Safty Dense vector representations for document similarity master's thesis
13.9.2017 Jula Menck Untersuchung sprecherspezifischer prosodischer Merkmale anhand einer umfangreichen Datenbank gesprochener Artikel Beginn 15 Uhr!


Winter term 2016/2017

Datum Vortragender Titel comments
20.10.2016 alle organization, short talks  
27.10.2016   ---  
03.11.2016 Martin Riedl Distributional Semantics  


Steffen Remus

Christine Köhn

Focused Crawling

Using cross-modal context for diagnosing language learner errors



Sarah Kohail

Steffen Remus

Domain dependency graphs

Unsupervised relation extraction

Chris not here -> no NatS talk

24.11.2016 Arne Köhn Incremental Predictive Dependency Parsing  


Arne Köhn

Özge Alaçam

Predictive Parsing helps Language Modeling

An Introduction to Eye-Tracking Methodology

Coling Talk


Eugen Ruppert

Stefy Duma

JoBim text models

partial conflict with coling

15.12.2016   --- conflict with coling


Amr Rekaby

Seid Yimam

A Road to Multi-Modal Parsing

Adaptive approaches for annotation and semantic writing aide tools

christmas party afterwards?

12.01.2017 Tobias Staron Crossmodality in natural language processing  


Fabian Barteld

Melania Duma

Spelling variation in historical texts

Machine translation evaluation

26.01.2017 Sebastian Beschke The Grammar of the Abstract Meaning Representation  
02.02.2017 invited speaker: Yannick Versley Discontinuity Re-Revisited: Coming to terms with discontinuous constituents


Alexander Pachenko

Timo Baumann

Unsupervised Word Sense Induction and Disambiguation


23.03.2017 Meike Zehlike Algorithmic Fairness and Discrimination Discovery in People Search Engines  

Summer term 2016

Datum Vortragender Titel
03.05.2016 alle organization, short talks
10.05.2016 Timo Baumann organize corpora in the filesystem, short talk about LREC-poster & demo
17.05.2016 -- midterm break
31.05.2016 Tobias Staron A Hybrid Approach: Integrating RBG-Parser and JWCDG to Exploit Contextual Knowledge
07.06.2016 Susanne Jekat Barrierefreie Kommunikation und Computerlinguistik (Beginn: 13 Uhr)
14.06.2016 Arne Köhn, Timo Baumann Incremental Parsing for Language Modelling
28.06.2016 Sebastian Beschke How to Build a Semantic Parser
05.07.2016 Amr Rekaby Salamaa Semi-supervised Shallow Semantic Annotator
12.07.2016 Natalia Orlova Incremental Speech Recognition from Several Combined Sources

Winter term 2015/2016

Datum Vortragender Titel
03.11.2015 Jonathan Werner Better accuracy of automatic lecture transcriptions by using context information from slide contents (BSc colloquium)
10.11.2015 alle Konferenzberichte: EMNLP (Arne, Amr), Interspeech (Timo), evtl. GSCL (Christine)
17.11.2015 Xavier Hinaut Language Acquisition using Echo State Networks applied to the iCub-robot
24.11.2015 Arne Köhn What's in an Embedding?
01.12.2015 Herwin van Welbergen Fluent multimodal behavior realization for virtual humans
08.12.2015 Studierende Kurzvorstellungen von Abschlussprojekten
15.12.2015 Available -
05.01.2016 Timo Baumann Advances in Incremental Speech Recognition
12.01.2016 Sven Alisch Studie zum pädagogischen Mehrwert eines kontextorientierten Unterrichtskonzepts zur Mensch-Maschine-Kommunikation mit gesprochener Sprache
26.01.2016 Marcel Rohde TBA

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