What’s in an Embedding? Analyzing Word Embeddings through Multilingual Evaluation

In this presentation, I wil primarily talk about the results of my paper (with the same name). In addition, I will give a short introduction into word embeddings and how they can be learned.

For more information: My paper for EMNLP 2015 and an overview of the results


In the last two years, there has been a surge of word embedding algorithms and research on them. However, evaluation has mostly been carried out on a narrow set of tasks, mainly word similarity/relatedness and word relation similarity and on a single language, namely English. We propose an approach to evaluate embeddings on a variety of languages that also yields insights into the structure of the embedding space by investigating how well word embeddings cluster along different syntactic features. We show that all embedding approaches behave similarly in this task, with dependency-based embeddings performing best. This effect is even more pronounced when generating low dimensional embeddings.

-- ArneKoehn - 20 Nov 2015
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