Ontology-based knowledge management and transfer in computational linguistics

Just as in other fast developing high technology disciplines, academic teaching and professional training in computational linguistics has to keep up with a constantly growing and rapidly evolving stock of knowledge. Therefore the traditional paths between the scientific communication and maintenance of knowledge on the one hand and education on the other have to be drastically shortened. The ideal situation would be based on instruments of infornation and knowledge management that at the same time deliver the contents of education in a dynamic and customizable way.

Advanced web, knowledge and language technology have to be combined to achieve this goal. In the presentation we will present an ontology-based virtual knowledge center that already functions as an information service on technologies, methods, research systems and products. Recently the system has been extended to also cover information on patents. We are currently working on an update of the contents on methods and technologies. We will describe the underlying ontologies of the system as well as its architecture and contents. We will then discuss its utilization in teaching and training.

-- CristinaVertan -- 06 May 2004
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