The Structure Tool


The aims of the tool for creating / editing linguistic structures (Structtool) are:
  • To be able to read LexMod, a kind of rich, but not complete model of the features that may appear in a lexicon,
  • To allow for selecting existing features and their range of value,
  • To allow for defining new features and save them in LexMod,
  • To allow for updating of existing features,
  • To permit the user to define the structure of the lexicon that he/she needs,
  • To call the EditTool tool in order to add entries in the lexicon.

The idea behind the tool is the following. The Structtool reads the LexMod structure (or another structure similar to LexMod), and generates a graphical user interface that contains all the elements found in this the lexicon structure. The user has the possibility to select what he/she needs, to add, delete, rename, merge or split features. At the end the new structure is saved in another structure file OWL encoded, similar to LexMod.

  • a structure lexicon file OWL encoded (it can be LexMod), or
  • an empty file.

  • a structure file OWL encoded

-- GavrilaMonica -- 26 Aug 2005
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