Tips for living

                Registering with local authorities

    Within one week after entering Germany you MUST register with your Einwohnermeldeamt (district office). You'll then receive a Meldebestätigung (certificate of registration). You will need this Meldebestätigung for extending your visa, opening a bank account and for using the libraries.

    The registration form (Anmeldeformular) is available online in German and must be signed by your landlord (Vermieter). If you move within Hamburg or leave Hamburg after finishing your studies, you must re-register (ummelden) and de-register (abmelden). You can pick up the necessary forms at the Einwohnermeldeamt, complete them at home and submit them by mail before leaving the country for good.

    Before making your way to the Einwohnermeldeamt, you can check out Hamburg's DIBIS online service center to find out:

    * the address of your Einwohnermeldeamt * its opening times * which documents you need to present

    DIBIS Online-Auskunft Stadt Hamburg (site in German only!) Enter "Anmeldungen Wohnsitze" into the search field and then your street.
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