PROLIV ("Animierte PROzessmodelle komplexer (computer-) LInguistischer Verfahren und Theorien")


The PROLIV Project is a Multimedia Kontor Project that aims at designing and implementing of visualization techniques for complex linguistic processes. Its main goal is realizing a software for helping students understand / learn complex linguistic problems, in a visual way. The project is addressed not only to students in humanities, with less knowledge in mathematics and computer science, but also to computer science students, with less linguistic knowledge, aiming to be specialists in Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The following modules/tools are currently being implemented in the PROLIV project:
  • a latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) tool (LSAT),
  • a tool for describing lexicon encodings and formats (LEXT), and
  • a question modeling tool (QMT).
The modules will be connected in a platform-independent, homogeneous surface, in which one can attach further similar tools.

The presentation will describe the general architecture and the main modules of the PROLIV Project.

-- CristinaVertan -- 11 Apr 2006
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