Mapping multilingual lexical material on ontologies in the LT4eL project

The LT4eL project (Language Technology for eLearning) is a new project financed in the frame of the FP6-IST action.

The aim of the project is to use multilingual language technology tools and semantic web techniques for improving the retrieval of learning material. The developed technology will facilitate personalized access to knowledge within learning management systems and support decentralisation and co-operation in content management.

For the improving of the organization and the retrieval of the learning objects across languages we develop a language independent ontology which will facilitate the construction of user specific courses, by semantic querying for topics of interests; will improve the creation of personalized content and will allow for decentralization and co-operation of content management as well as for multilingual retrieval. Lexical material from 9 languages will be mapped on this ontology

In this talk we will describe the approach to be taken in order to map heterogenous lexical material on the ontology. We will explain the role of the upper ontology and of the domain specific ontology, as well as problems which appear when mapping multilingual lexical entries on the ontology: absence of certain concepts, partial overlapping between senses etc.), as well as envisaged solutions.

-- CristinaVertan -- 03 May 2006
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