Language Resources: Integration and Development in e-learning and in teaching Computational Linguistics.

International Workshop preceding LREC 2004

4th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation

Lisbon, Portugal - 24th May 2004

Language resources (LRs) are of crucial importance not only for research and development in language and speech technology but also for teaching purposes. E-learning added a new dimension to the usability of language resources and made them interesting outside the area of computational linguistics.

This one-day workshop will focus on the integration of LRs in the educational process and the relation between LRs and e-learning. Special attention will be dedicated to the use of LRs in the curriculum of computational linguistics. Its goal is four-fold:

  1. to provide a forum for presentation, discussion and case collections of the use of LRs in in Linguistics and Computational Linguistics
  2. to discuss the additional skills acquired by the students when using or developing LRs (e.g. how to acquire standards);
  3. to discuss how the competence built up in the development of LRs  could be used for creating better interfaces for educational material;
  4. to discuss how LRs could be included in electronic scientific  handbooks, which are crucial for hands-on experience in e-learning.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • necessity of LRs in the curriculum;
  • types of LRs used in the curriculum;
  • integration of LRs in the curriculum;
  • format and storage of LRs;
  • access to and distribution of multilingual LR's for different purposes(e.g. Machine Translation, E-learning lessons, scientific manuals or electronic handbooks)

The workshop will bring together (computational) linguists, LRs developers, developers of e-learning material, e-publishers and teachers. It will provide a forum for interaction among members of possibly disparate research communities, and a means for attendees to increase their knowledge and understanding of the potential of LRs in teaching computational linguistics and e-learning.

The workshop will feature also a panel discussing longer-term activities such as a mailing list, an archive of educational materials based on LRs, etc. However the main goal of this workshop would be laying the groundwork for further professional collaboration in integrating LRs within different types

Important dates

  • Abstract Submissions: closed
  • Notification of Acceptance: February 28th, 2004
  • Final Versions: April 1st, 2004
  • Workshop: May 24th, 2004

Accepted Papers

newstar3.gifFinal Programm

newstar3.gif Invited Speaker Hans Uszkoreit - University of Saarland and DFKI, Germany

Ontology-based knowledge management and transfer in computational linguistics

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Organizing Committee

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-- CristinaVertan -- 03 March 2004

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