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                Living in Hamburg

    The Department of International Affairs is unable to arrange any type of housing (rooms or apartments). The following tips and addresses may assist you in the sometimes difficult quest for housing.

    Student Housing

    *Central Information Office

    Info Center Housing
    Von-Melle-Park 2
    Studierendenhaus, Entry C
    20146 Hamburg
    Tel.: 040 - 41 902 - 263/-264
    Fax: 040 - 41 902 - 265

    *Rooms in student residences

    A room in a student residence is the most affordable accommodation for students (including doctoral students) up to 30 years of age, in exceptional cases up to 35. A single room costs between 150 € und 225 € monthly. In comparison, a private room or a small apartment usually costs approx. 200-450 € per month. Generally 35% of the rooms in the Studierendenwerk's (Student Services Office) 21 residences are reserved for international students. Due to the large demand you should be prepared to be put on the waiting list. These rooms are available to students who are enrolled at one of the public universities in Hamburg or at the state Studienkolleg or Zentralkolleg, the Conservatory in Blankenese or the Bucerius Law School.
    Information on the student residences

    *Tutor's Welcome Program

    The Tutor's Welcome Program of the Studierendenwerk Hamburg facilitates this "new beginning" in Hamburg for the new international students at the student residences, supports their integration and promotes communication between international and German students.

    *Vacation and Guest Rooms in Student Residences

    International students who are enrolled a German or foreign institution of higher education and who want to vacation or conduct an internship in Hamburg can rent a vacation or guest room in one of the student residences. The rent period is generally only for full months, in exceptional cases also for half months. Rooms can be rented for a maximum of three months . Room reservations must be made directly with the residence management of the respective student residence and not with the Studierendenwerk.

    Reservations for guest rooms are possible during the entire year in the following residences:

    Rahlstedt, Paul-Sudeck-Haus, Kiwittsmoor, Gustav-Radbruch-Haus, Rudolf-Laun-Haus, Unnastraße, Hagenbeckstraße, Harburg, Allermöhe and Armgartstraße (women only). The residence management can inform you of the exact rent.

    Generally, rooms in the following residences can only be rented during the semester breaks:

    Die Burse, Unnastraße and Emil-Wolff-Haus, Europa- and Georgi-Haus. The residence management can inform you of exact rent prices.

    Overview of the guest rooms currently available (in German)

    Wohnungsbörsen (apartment listings) and other search possibilities

    Rent for rooms and small apartments are approx. 200-450 € per month.

    *AStA Apartment Listing (non-commerical)

    This listing is also available to non-students. Internet (in German):

    *Private room agencies and short-term housing

    The Info Center Housing (address above) provides listings of rooms and apartments available from private agencies/landlords. The listings are updated daily by 2 p.m.

    The following links (all in German) offer additional addresses through which you can find housing:


    Apartments, furnished rooms, etc. for short-term stays

    *Gästehaus der Universität (University Guest House)

    The University Guest House offers 43 one-room and 7 two-room apartments. They are furnished with bath/shower and WC, cooking facilities and telephone extension. The monthly rent for a one-room apartment is between 485 € and 753, for a studio between 958 € and 1,254 € and for a two-room apartment between 1,534 € und 1,555 €.

    University Guest House
    Rothenbaumchaussee 34, 20148 Hamburg,
    Tel.: +49(0)40 414 00 60,
    Fax: +49(0)40 414 00-622

    *Missionsakademie (Missionary Academy) at the University of Hamburg

    The Missionary Academy is located in a pleasant and quiet area of the city, only a few minutes away from the river Elbe. The rent for a single room is 260 € monthly. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared.

    Rupertistr. 67, 22609 Hamburg,
    Tel.: +49-(0)40 823161-0,
    Fax: +49(0)40 822 63 61


    Scientists working at academic institutions in Hamburg may rent furnished apartments in two spacious apartment buildings. The apartments can only be rented for full months and cost 370 € (345 € for rent periods of two months or longer).

    Windmühlenweg 27, 22607 Hamburg,
    Tel.: +49(0)40 82 27 27 0,
    Fax: +49(0)40 82 75 20.
    Internet (in German):

    *International Center for Graduate Studies (ICGS)

    ICGS supports Hamburg program coordinators assisting visiting scientists and researchers in finding accommodation. Please note that ICGS levies charges for its services.

    Contact and Information:
    Karolin Sievers,
    Tel.: +49(0)40 244 244 97


    This company arranges rooms (starting at 300 €), furnished apartments or houses for temporary stays in Hamburg.

    City-Wohnen Immobilien und Beratung,
    Lobuschstraße 22, D-22765 Hamburg,
    Tel.: +49(0)40 1943-0,
    Fax: +49(0)40 284185-44

    *Youth Hostel Hamburg

    The Hamburg youth hostel "Auf dem Stintfang" is located directly above the "Landungsbrücken" with a beautiful view of the harbor. Bed and breakfast in a double room with shower/WC costs 21.10 €.

    Jugendherberge Hamburg - Auf dem Stintfang,
    Alfred-Wegener-Weg 5, 20459 Hamburg,
    Tel.: +49(0)40 3134 88,
    Fax: +49(0)40 315407
    Internet (in German):

    *Hamburg Tourism LLC GmbH

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