The Lexicon Model: Lexmod


Lexmod is a generic lexicon model, which tries to contain as much lexical information as possible. In this model, linguistic features with possible values that may appear in a language are specified. The model construction is made after analyzing more than twelve lexicon structures, as CELEX, MULTEXT, GERMANET, etc. Lexmod has a flexible formal specification and is OWL encoded. The model allows for adding new features, deleting, selecting, renaming, merging or splitting existing ones.

The Lexmod structure contains the following levels of information:
  • Lexicon information,
  • Entry information,
  • Morphological information,
  • Phonological information,
  • Syntactical information,
  • Semantic information, and
  • Multilingual information



The Lexmod structure

-- GavrilaMonica -- 26 Aug 2005
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