Study in Hamburg

                University formalities

    After you've received and accepted a study spot, you must enroll at the university and pay the semester fees in order to receive your student ID (Studierendenausweis) and semester ticket.

    Enrollment information for:

    # All students in study, mobility, scholarship and/or partnership programs who will be enrolling for 1 or 2 semesters only.

    These study, mobility, scholarship and partnership programs include:

    o Erasmus
    o Magister program LLM in the Faculty of Law
    o Asian European Business Transactions
    o Law & Economics
    o Students from partner universities
    o DAAD scholarship recipients
    o Fremdspracheninstitut
    o Master of Peace and Security Studies
    o Tulane exchange program
    o Missionsakademie
    o Deutsch-Amerikanischer Club
    o Europakollegv
    o Smith College
    o Fulbright
    o InWent
    o Direct exchange programs Bordeaux, Temple, Kansas
    o MIBE-China Focus
    o Copernicus
    o Exchange program Korea
    o US-Europe e-Learning Network In Science and Engineering o Master of International Taxation
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