Study in Hamburg


    You are allowed, as a member of the University of Hamburg (students, researchers, teachers) to search all the avilables databases and electronic magazines. For that, you need a campus license and then you will be able to handle data in more than 200 databases and around 3500 electronic magazines.

    How it works:

    -You need a valid card for the libray

    -In our lending system, some special information has to be inserted. For this required information, please, contact the personal in charge.

    Start the search:

    Either throught the Database DBIS

    or throught the

    Electronic magazine library (EZB)

    If you need a license to access the data, the authetication will be carried out through a key and a password of your library card, on the basis of the special entries of our lending system.

    Please, pay attention:

    Access to data is possible just by clicking one of the two links mentioned above.

    If you have any problems, please go to the lending desk.

    For nomembers of the University on Hamburg ( and for other researchers and students from other instituts in Hamburg), due to legal issues relating to campus lisence, this service is not available.

    These persons can use the electronic services using the machine located in the library.

    Special databases

    For the areas of Informatics and Mathematics:

    ACM Digital Library At the moment, the database has more than 400.000 literary works and offers a variety of search possibilities in the ACM publication since the 1985. Mostly,access to whole documents is also possible( the most used format is pdf).

    Online Contents- Special collections Informatics/Mathematics:

    The database OLC-SSG Informatics/Mathematics is a specialized extract of Swet-Datebank Online Contents, and it is completed with some references of selected catalogs of TIB/UB Hannover and SUB Göttingen.

    Access is free for German librarys and for scientific institutions.

    Main mathematics document:

    The most widely complete database for the area of pure and applied mathematics. It was begun in the 1931 and it lasts until now.

    The yearbook about the progress in mathematics (1868-1942) is also completely integrated.The entries were added after the mathematics subject classification (MSC).

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