4. Schedule

Module CP Courses Prerequisites-support C European Master equivalence
Natural Language Processing (NLP) 10 -Introduction to Computational Linguistics (3)* [10th (Spring)]† -Artificial Intelligence (3) Module 2
October 05
December 05 Website
January 06 Detailed concepts of the study course.
February 06
March 06
  • Curricula settling with all the partner Institutions,
  • Curricula-development
  • Institutionalization of the Master program
  • Intensive publicity for the Master
  • Registration for the WiSe06/07
April 06
May 06
June 06
Juli 06
August 06 Detailed Curricula, „Credit point“-Assignment of every event
September 06
  • Coordination meeting with all the Partners in Hamburg in combination with a summer school,
  • Registration in the EU Master in Speech and Language
  • Beginning of the Master and the institutions with the winter cycle.
  • Registration for the SoSe07 (in the Universities with summer cycle)
October 06
November 06
December 06
January 07
February 07 eLearning Module
March 07
  • Registration for the WiSe07/08,
  • Work for a Joint-Degree
April 07
Mai 07
Juni 07
Juli 07
August 07 Established Master’s program. End of the promotion.

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