4 Cognitive Models For Speech Language Processing

Human beings are currently the only entities that can process language at all well. An understanding of what is known about how they are able to do it is essential, both for its own sake and a a point of contrast with current technological approaches. This topic are covers current theories and models of human language processing drawn from Psychology, Cognitive Science, Linguistics, and Psycholinguistics. Since part of the contents is already mentioned under the heading of Theoretical Linguistics and Natural Language Processing, the emphasis is here on Cognitive Science and Psycholinguistics.



Acoustic/phonetic perception

  • Cues, feature detectors

  • Categorical perception

  • Production-oriented theories: analysis by synthesis, motor theory, quantal theory

  • Perception-oriented theories: auditory theory of speech perception, hyper/hypo theory

Lexical recognition

Language acquisition and language development

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