3. Tasks during the organization phase

Two phases are planned for the support time period:
  • One preparation phase September 05- February 07
  • Beginning of the Master’s degree – from the winter semester 06/07

The essential exercise during the planning phase is the detailed planning of the following , in principle compatible local peculiarities:

  • Assignment of already existing events to the existing or to the creating master modules
  • Choice of suitable bases and advances courses
  • Registration of the partners in the EU- Master in the "Speech and language program"
  • Creation of the terms and conditions for a possible Joint-degree-agreement or at least double-degree-agreement with an individual partner.
  • Stipulating the exactly admittance prerequisites.
  • Choice or installation of English events.
  • Definition of common criteria for the dissertation.
  • Agreement of possible studying fees and criteria for the enactment of the studying fees
  • Creation of an “Advisory Board” with specialists from the research institutes who work together close to the industry, particularly with regard to topics for the dissertation.
  • Development and customization of essential curriculum

The beginning of the Master's program depends on the Summer/Winter cycle.

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