2 Details Of The Study

The master's program consists of a total of 4 semester, that means an amplitude of 120 ECTS points, whereat the study will be organized , minimum between 2 Universitiy-partners and the 30% of the ECTS credits are acquired from every university.

A prerequisite for obtaining the title: Master in Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing is a dissertation in one of the main point of the master program. The dissertation should be supervised by college lecturers of different partner universities together.

The structure of the Master is in the line of the EU masters in Language and Speech (http://www.cstr.ed.ac.uk/emasters) and it is described in the Table1.

The topics 1 to 7 will be by different courses, if necessary also by different university partners, covered. The cited “credit points” correspond to the minimal performances the students have to get in a subject area to verify the success. The advantage of this system is that every university partner can depend on already existing courses, that means avoiding the employment of an additional teacher.

Due to this, Table1 shows the distribution of the current courses to the partner universities.

For every topic (1-7) both basic - and advanced-courses are offered.

The Master's program offers two main points :

  • Knowledge presentation and language comprehension.
  • Signal language processing.

The students must complete advanced seminars in the Schwerpunkte. The dissertation has to be part of a Schwerpunkt too.

In the beginning only some courses will be offered in English language for not English speaking countries. This quantity of these will be increased courses during the master's program period. For the others courses, e-learning modules or bibliography in English will be also provided.

The e-learnig modules are not an alternative, but an aid thought for the foreign students.
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