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Due to the ever growing multilingualism in the European Union and the globalisation in economy and industry, knowledge and technologies of the languages are becoming even more important.

The main topics:

  • Computational Linguistics (Theory and technology of intelligent processing of natural languages with computers, as well as their generation.( i.e the translation) and

  • Language processing ( Theory and technology of text generation analysis of language source signals as well as their generation).

are becoming increasingly an economy factor and a feasibility requirement for political and cultural actions.

It is a declared intention of the involved European Universities to support the international orientation of their students, and therefore also the knowledge of another European or international language, with studies in foreign countries. For this reason, the master programm provides studies in two countries. The inclusion of countries with English as mother language is specially important for us. At the moment, none of the partners can offer such "Master in Computational linguistics and Speech processing" financed just with its capabilities. Therefore , the aprox. 4 institutes have combined their forces for organizing the Master.

Due to the European importance, is the decision to join Germany and Spain into the Bachelor/Master process, and to take part into the creation of the corresponding Master profile in a convergen way.For this reason, we have the chance of managing the master programme without a further support from outside. The Master is planned to start in WiSe07/08

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