Moegliche Aufgaben

List processing

  • mylast, myappend, myreverse, myselect/3, mymember, myselect/4
  • my_nth, sum, min, max, is_ordered
  • product, map-like (doubling the elements in a list etc.)
  • mean
  • prefix, suffix, sublist
  • insort, other sorting (quicksort, merge sort)

(some need helper predicates!)

Peano numbers

  • is_peano
  • gt, lt etc.
  • add, sub, (mul, div)
  • peano2num

Graph search

  • without cycle detection (vorfahre, ist_betroffen_von, links)
  • with cycle detection (trains)

Regular expressions ?

Tree recursion ?


  • compound interest
  • series (sum_k=0^n a_k with a_k = 1/k! etc. )

-- YannickVersley -- 12 Dec 2003
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