Konzeption Prototyp Rekursion


1. Type-inference (done)

  • implemented in infer_types.pl
  • detects stupid errors (list used as a number etc.)
  • provides information about argument positions

a(N,[A|Rest]):- N is ...

2. Idiom dection and matching (analyse.pl)

  • detection of schemata / idioms, comparision:
    construction, deconstruction, same
    accumulation, consumption, consumption1
    see index.plht (need to load analyse.pl first)
  • superficial comparision to see if it looks like a sample solution
  • provides additional information about argument position
  • idiom detector -> list of idiom terms
  • filtering of idiom terms -> only keep the interesting ones (same, list_uncons, list_cons, basecase, recursion, accu, successor, predecessor)
  • matching of the filtered terms w/ idiom terms from sample solution
    • idea:
...:- match_bags(IdiomsFromUser, IdiomsFromSample,_IdiomMap,zuordnen_idiom,20), ...

  • result: possible mappings between predicates, argument positions

3a. Testing

  • needs information about argument positions
  • carefully selected test cases, random testing

3b. Transformation to Normal Form and subgoal matching

last([E],E). => last(L,E):-L=[E|T],T=[].

  • identification of missing / superfluous subgoals (auswertung.pl)

4. Instantiation check

  • should not be needed in the presence of testing?
  • arithmetic (checkInst)
  • "monotonicity" of instantiation, e.g. broken construction of a list (look at the sample solution --- monotonicity constrainst fulfilled in the sample solution should be enforced in the user solution)

5. Syntax check with limited grammar

6. Open issues

*clause order, goal order and termination.

-- YannickVersley -- 05 Dec 2003
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