The ELSNET summer school will take place on the premises of the Department for Informatics

Department für Informatik
Building E
Vogt-Kölln-Straße 30
22527 Hamburg

which can be reached by bus 181 or 281.

Coming from the inner city of Hamburg (including main Railsway station) take the underground train line U2 to station "Hagenbeks Tierpark" in the direction "Niendorf Nord" leave the station through the pedestrian tunnel and change to

  • bus 181 in the direction to "Niendorfer Gehege" or "Eidelstedter Platz", or

  • bus 281 in the direction to "Krupunder", "Eidelstedter Platz", or "Jaarsmoorweg"

As marker, you should see on the opposite side of the road a supermarket "Spar"

Leave the bus at the 2nd stop named "Informatikum" and turn towards the only tall building visible from the site of the stop.

A plan of the campus can be found here

Internet Connection will be available mainly through WLAN (outside the courses). We will provide some computers with ETHERNET connection

-- WolfgangMenzel -- 27 Jun 2006

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