Courses and Lectures

No. Course Title Lecturer About the Course
1 Information fusion for command and control Pontus Svenson (FOI Stockholm, Sweden) Description
2 Audio-visual Analysis of Human Interaction Rainer Stiefelhagen (University Karlsruhe, Germany) Description
3 XML-based Integration of Natural Language Processing Components Ulrich Schäfer (DFKI, Germany) Description
4 Ensemble-based architectures Hans van Halteren, (University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands) Description
5 Hybrid parsing Kilian Foth, Wolfgang Menzel (University of Hamburg, Germany) Description
6 Syntax-semantics integration in HPSG Valia Kordoni (DFKI, Germany) Description
7 Ontologies for information fusion Luciano Serafini (ITC-IRST Trento, Italy) Description
8 Hybrid approaches in Machine Translation Stephan Oepen ( University of Oslo, Norway ) Description

Student Session

The student session is intended to give the participants of the summer school an opportunity to learn about each others background and about their current research interests, in particular if there is a clear relationship to the topic of the summer school. For that purpose, participants are invited to give a short presentation of appr. 15 minutes and be prepared to answer questions of the audience. An overhead projector and a beamer will be available.
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