As Goes So Goes Construction

1. General

1.1. Label

As goes ... so goes

1.2. Reasons for construction status

as occurs in combination with so only if both words are followed by a verb describing some kind of development, mostly to go, and an NP this combination has a special meaning: the first NP heavily influences the second.

1.3. Examples

  1. As Maine goes, so goes the nation.
  2. As Ontario Goes, So Should Maine.
  3. As Autism Diagnoses Grow, So Do Number Of Fad Treatments

2. Language Information


2.2. Language


2.3. Variety

(to be filled out if the construction belongs to a particular geographic, social, situational, or stylistic variety or to a particular genre)

The construction occurs mainly in American English, but there are some .uk websites where I also found the “As goes…so goes” Construction (see data sentences 3.6-3.10, 4.6-4.8, 5.1, 7.2, 8.2).Compared to .com sites they are quite rare.

2.4. Speech Community

(to be filled out if the construction is used in a particular speech community)

2.5. Language Contact

(to be filled out if the construction influenced by constructions from another languages)

2.6. Time Period

(time period of construction)

2.7. Stage of Acquisition

(comments on age and circumstances of the acquisition)

3. Form

3.1. Syntax


(general comments on the syntactic properties of the construction)

The “As goes…so goes” Construction describes an influential relationship between the two things described by the NPs in the sentence. It consists of the correlative conjunction as…so of which both words are followed by the same verb describing a development and an NP In the first part of the sentence, the verb and the noun can change their places, but not in the second part. In the second part however, the verb can be replaced by an auxiliary verb. The NPs in the sentence don’t have to have the same number, as you can see in sentences like “As Argentina goes, so go the Americas” or “As Niners go, so goes earnest Gore”, very rarely they can consist of a pronoun: “As Concorde goes, so do we.” This sentence is also special because normally the NP is either 3rd person singular or plural; the 2nd person plural is quite unusual

3.1.2. Internal Valency

(information on valency relationships inside the construction) Constituency

(description of the constituent relationships inside the construction)

3.1.3. External Category

(category label)

The construction is a clause.

It can also occur as embedded clause.

  1. It's still true that as Ohio goes, so goes the nation. ( 25.2.2009 Google: "that as * goes so")
  2. The nagging question is whether as Basra goes, so goes the rest of Iraq? ( (link does not display the example) 25.2.2009 Google: "whether as * goes so") Structural Position

(syntagmatic relationships with other constructions (but see also 4.3))

3.2. Morphology


(general comments on the morphological properties of the construction)

3.2.2. Internal Morphological Properties of Elements

(morphological properties of elements)

The verb undergoes derivation depending on the number of the NP it goes with.

3.2.3. External Morphological Properties of Construction

(morphological properties of the construction itself)

4. Meaning

4.1. Semantics


(prose description of construction's meaning)

The construction has the meaning of an influential relationship between the first NP and the second. There is a correlation between them: “As Maine goes, so goes the nation” means that the development in Maine is heavily affecting the development of the whole nation. (German: Genauso wie es in Maine läuft, so läuft es (dann) auch in der ganzen Nation.)

To go is the most commonly used verb in this construction. It means here something like to turn out or to develop.

In some of the examples to go can also mean to disappear like in “As the sea ice goes, so goes the polar bear” or “As Tajikistan's last synagogue goes, so does a culture.” Other verbs, also describing a development, can also be used in this construction like: to increase, to grow or to slow down .

In most cases, the construction implies that the development of the first NP happens before the development of the second. The development of A is an example or a cause for the development of B.

Sometimes, if the second verb is replaced by an auxiliary, the tense may change as you can see in data sentence 26: “As Vermont Goes…So Might Have Gone The Nation“. It means that Vermont could have been a good example for the nation, but the nation didn’t care about it and so Vermont didn’t influence the nation.

4.1.2. Internal Frame

(frame evoked) Event

(event type) Participants

(description of the participants, e.g. as 'selection restrictions') Truth-Conditional Information

(information on the truthconditional properties of the construction) Negation

(peculiar behaviours with respect to negation) Scope

(description of the scope of the construction)

4.1.3. External Semantic Class

(semantic category) Relation to Construction-External Semantic Elements

(description of semantic relations outside of the construction) Truth Relations

(information on the truthconditional relationships of the construction) Semantic Presuppositions

(semantic presupposition) Semantic Entailments

(semantic entailments)

4.2. Pragmatics


(general comments on the pragmatic behaviour of the construction)

The construction is most frequently used in headlines referring to politics, economy and sport events. It shows the speaker’s/writer’s attitude towards the relationship between two things.

4.2.2. Internal

(internal pragmatic properties)

4.2.3. External Indexical Properties Deixis

(linguistic and extralinguistic domains indexed) Intertextuality

(intertextual links evoked) Interpersonal Function

(politeness, other-self, etc.) Speaker attitude

(modality, epistemic, emotion)

In using the construction, the speaker shows that he or she believes that two matters are closely connected. Speech Act Function

(illocutionary force) Rhetorical Function

(rhetorical potential) Style

(stylistic features) Pragmatic Presuppositions / Implicature

(modality, epistemic, emotion)

4.3. Discourse Properties

4.3.1. Internal Turn Constructional Status

(status as TCU) Within-Turn Position

(turn-initial, -medial, -final position, etc.)

4.3.2.External Sequential Context

(position in sequence) Position in Text- and Dialogue-Structure

(position in larger discourse structure)

The construction shortly outlines the correlation between to things which is quite useful for headlines or as stylistic device in speeches. Sequence Type

(type of sequence)

4.4. Information Structure

4.4.1. Internal Topic - Comment

(contribution to topic-comment structure) Focus

(placement of focus)

4.4.2. External Signaled Information Status

(status of information as given, new, inferable, etc.) Information Status Requirements

(information status requirements)

4.5. Data

4.5.1. Introspection

(introspective data used)

4.5.2. Authentic data Source data properties

(description of corpus (publicly available/self-compiled, channel/medium, register, genre, text type, speaker info (number of interlocutors, gender, age, background, (non-)native, etc.)))

Internet via google

  1. Query: as goes so goes
    1. "As Maine goes, so goes the nation" is a phrase that at one time was in wide currency in United States politics. The phrase described Maine's reputation as a bellwether state for presidential elections. Specifically, Maine's September election of a governor predicted the party outcome of the November presidential election in presidential election years from 1832 (if not earlier) through 1844, in 1852, from 1860 through 1876, in 1888, from 1896 through 1908 and from 1920 through 1932. (,_so_goes_the_nation 18.09.2007 12:16)
    2. As Niners go, so goes earnest Gore ( 18.09.2007 12:19)
    3. The Nation: Search Engine Society; As Google Goes, So Goes the Nation ( 18.09.2007 12:22)
    4. As Countrywide Financial Goes, So Goes the Mortgage Sector ( 18.09.2007 12:22)
    5. As housing goes, so goes the US economy? Researchers say that the recent housing downturn doesn't necessarily mean an end to economic growth. ( 18.09.2007 12:29)
    6. AS ZIMBABWE GOES, SO GOES VENEZUELA? The once-prosperous African nation of Zimbabwe appears to be in the last throes of its destruction at the hands of Marxist dictator Robert Mugabe. The BBC reports that the unemployment rate is now 80% and the people are literally starving. (Hat tip: The Monkey Tennis Centre.) This looks like the end of a process that started with the kinds of things Hugo Chavez is doing in Venezuela. How long will it take for Venezuela to catch Zimbabwe? ( 18.09.2007 12:32)
    7. “As the sea ice goes, so goes the polar bear,” Amstrup said. ( 18.09.2007 12:34)
    8. As Detroit Goes, So Goes America? ( 18.09.2007 12:36)
    9. As GM Goes, So Goes the Market ( 18.09.2007 12:39)
    10. As Leskovac goes, so goes Serbia ( 18.09.2007 12:50)
    11. As the congestion fee goes, so goes New York City ( 18.09.2007 12:52)
    12. As the Bible goes…so goes the Constitution ( 18.09.2007 12: 56)
    13. As Real Estate Goes, So Goes Art? ( 18.09.2007 12:58)
  2. Query: as goes so
    1. As Argentina goes, so go the Americas ( ; 18.09.2007 13:06)
    2. As line goes, so does OSU ( 18.09.2007 13:08)
    3. As DiPietro goes, so go Isles (,0,8329.story 18.09.2007 13:12)
    4. As Congress Goes, So Goes Clinton? ( 18.09.2007 13:16)
    5. As Ontario Goes, So Should Maine ( 18.09.2007 13:18)
    6. As Saudi Arabia goes, so goes the GCC =( 18.09.07 13:20) =
    7. As Concorde goes, so do we ( 18.09.2007 13:23)
    8. As the Nation's Multifamily Goes, so Goes Manhattan: Are Tightening Local Regulations Really to Blame for Reduced Coastal Housing Supply? ( 18.09.2007 18:47)
    9. “As Iowa Goes, So Does the Nation!” ( 18.09.2007 18:50)
    10. As telecom goes, so go its fancy buildings ( 18.09.2007 18:52)
    11. As Jerusalem Goes so Goes New York ( 18.09.2007 18:56)
    12. As Tajikistan's last synagogue goes, so does a culture ( 18.09.2007 18:58)
    13. As Vermont Goes…So Might Have Gone The Nation ( 18.09.2007 18:59)
    14. As Maryland Goes, So Should Oregon ( 18.09.2007 19:01)
    15. As the Home Goes, So Goes the Church... ( 18.09.2007 19:03)
    16. As Tony Snow Goes, So Goes Fox ( 18.09.2007 19:15)
    17. As the nation's economy goes, so goes Minnesota's ( 18.09.2007 19:16)
    18. As Basra Goes So Goes Iraq ( 18.09.2007 19:19)
    19. As speculators go, so goes area housing market ( 18.09.2007 19:22)
  3. Query: as go * so
    1. As go the baltics, so goes Europe (;jsessionid=28sa1329378o.alice?format=print&token=004a197df5d9ec84258762f677c405847447b23442f2a404442552b462136a1bd46b69c8d9 18.09.2007 19:35)
    2. Frog Fallout As go amphibians, so goes the world ( 18.09.2007 19:41)
    3. As go sea turtles, so go, will go, the ocean ( 18.09.2007 19:46)
    4. As go television duopolies, so likely will go cross-ownership ( 18.09.2007 19:48)
    5. As go diets, so go federal dietary guidelines? ( 18.09.2007 19:51)
    6. As go garments, so go textiles - fabric-making tends to "follow the needle", and over the past few years dozens of American textile makers have moved mills to Mexico to be near border clothes-making factories, a trend accelerated by the North American Free-Trade Agreement, which lowered tariffs. (* 25.10.2007 14:28)
    7. Perhaps that's why the big game on Sunday is so big, because in the hearts of many "yinzers" - as the locals are known - as go the Steelers, so goes Pittsburgh. ( 25.10.2007 14:31)
    8. As go Scotland so goes England ( 25.10.2007 14:40)
    9. As go E-languages, so go grammars as things which might represent them ( 25.10.2007 14:57)
    10. As go interest rates, so goes the bond market and the dollar market. As goes the bond market, so goes the mortgage market. ( 25.10.2007 15:04)
  4. Query: as * go so
    1. As sluggers go, so go the Sox ( 22.10.2007 11:21)
    2. As the McMansions Go, So Goes Job Growth ( 22.10.2007 11:25)
    3. As Parents Go, So Go the Children. The Development and Adjustment of Children in the Military. ( 22.10.2007 11:28)
    4. As Senators Go, So Go College Presidents ( 22.10.2007 11:33)
    5. As habitats go, so too do the plants and animals that depend on them……… ( 25.10.2007 15:12)
    6. As Scottish renewables go, so may renewables everywhere. (* 25.10.2007 15:17)
    7. ‘As Children Go, So Go Nations' ('s%20Children%202005%20Childhood%20Under%20Threat.htm 25.10.2007 15:20)
    8. As people go, so do jobs. (* 25.10.2007 15:24)
  5. Query: as goes so can
    1. As Maine goes, so can the nation ( ; 18.09.2007 19:07)
  6. Query: as*so do
    1. As a land thaws, so do Greenland's aspirations for independence ( 22.10.2007 12:17)
    2. As Homework Grows, So Do Arguments Against It ( 22.10.2007 12:20)
    3. As Autism Diagnoses Grow, So Do Number Of Fad Treatments ( 22.10.2007 12:22)
    4. As TVs grow, so do electric bills ( 22.10.2007 12:24)
    5. As Society Evolves, So Do Robots (,1895,2129551,00.asp 22.10.2007 12:26)
    6. As district changes, so do Porter's votes ( 22.10.2007 12:30)
    7. As Medical Patents Surge, So Do Lawsuits ( 22.10.2007 12:33)
    8. As Hybrid Cars Multiply, So Do Carpooling Gripes =( 22.10.2007 12:35) =
    9. As technology improves so do nautical charts ( 25.10.2007 15:34)
  7. Query: as * so might
    1. As Aspen Goes - So Might Taos Go? ( 18.09.2007 20:08)
    2. As Boomers Slow Down, So Might the Economy ( 18.09.2007 20:09)
    3. As temperature increases, so might pressure increase. ( 18.09.2007 20:12)
    4. As society changes so might the role played by public libraries ( 25.10.2007 15:41)
    5. so that as core irradiation increases so might the general level of transuranics in circuit for transfer to the fuel storage ponds. (* 25.10.2007 15:46)
  8. Query: as * so
    1. As Facebook grows, so does its potential to become a major content distributor. ( 18.09.2007 19:57)
    2. We have created this resource without any grants, and as use grows so unfortunately does our costs. ( 18.09.2007 20:02) Methods of Analysis

(source material size/length, number of tokens considered, sampling, search string, sample rate, number of retrieved hits, cleaning procedures)

Qualitative inspection of the internet hits.

4.6. Literature

(list of literature in which this construction has been discussed)

5. Relations to other constructions

The variation with respect to the type of NPs and the range of verbs indicates that there the "As goes so goes"-construction comprises a bundle of sub- and supertypes.

5.1. Subtypes

5.1.1. Diachronic

(relations to subtypes of the construction through time)

5.1.2. Synchronic

(relations to subtypes of the construction)

5.2. Supertypes

5.2.1. Diachronic

(relations to more general constructions through time)

5.2.2. Synchronic

(relations to more general constructions)

5.3. Paradigmatic Relations

(relations to constructions of the same category)

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