Research Interests

  • Digital Humanities
    • conceptual linking of cultural heritage objects
    • multilingual repositories
    • management heterogenous data
    • language technology for processing of historical texts
  • Machine Translation,
    • Domain adaptation
    • Example based machine translation
    • Hybrid systems
    • Evaluation of Machine translation
    • Computer aided translation
    • Teaching machine translation
    • MT for morphological reach languages (esp. German-Romanian)
  • Ontological engineering,
    • ontology development
    • linking multilingual lexical resource son ontologies
    • Semantic Web
    • Application of ontologies in humanities
  • Reusage of lexical resources
  • Language Technology for less resourced languages (esp. Romanian)
  • Natural Language Interfaces
    • Menu driven natural language interfaces
    • Dialogue systems
Previously I worked also on:
  • Parallel and concurrent systems (Ph.D thesis)
  • Genetic algorithms
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