Diploma-Projects co-supervised at the university of Hamburg

  • Mapping heterogenous lexical material, Thomas Jäppel (2006)
  • MANAGELEX, a tool for reading writing and reusing lexical resources, Monica Gavrila (2004)
  • A comparison of automatic extraction ontology methods, Stefanie Reimers (2011)

Diploma-Projects (Bachelor and Master) at the University of Bucharest

  • Dynamic Menu Interface and Syntactical Filtering in Menu Choice Translation (2003, Universität Bukarest)
  • Lexical and Morphological Processing for input and output in Menu Choice Translation (2003, Universität Bukarest)
  • Semantic Consistency and Ontological Filtering in Menu choice Translation (2003, Universität Bukarest)
  • Speech processing in Menu Choice Translation (2003, Universität Bukarest)
  • Word graphs and Word graphs management in Menu Choice Translation (2003, Universität Bukarest)
  • Software tool for lexical aquisition -specification and implementation – (2003, Universität Bukarest)
  • Automatic methods for Evaluation of Machine Translations (2003, Universität Bukarest)
  • Data -annotations formalisms for the Semantic Web -RDF versus Topic Maps (2004, Universität Bukarest)
  • Machine Translation Czech-German (2006, Karls-Universität Prag)
  • Improving document retrieval by means of Semantic Web Techniques (2006, Universität Bukarest)
  • Browsing ontologies through semantic relations (2007, Universität Bukarest)
  • Name entity recognition for Romanian (2007, Universität Bukarest )
  • Ontology matching ( 2010, Universität Bukarest)
  • Improving Wikipedia Articles with ontological Information ( 2011, Universität Bukarest)
  • Lexical disambiguation by means of Wikipedia (2011, Universität Bukarest)
  • RDFa Editor for ontological annotation (2011, Universität Bukarest)

Diploma / Bachelor Projects at the University of Granada

  • A Voice-XML dialogiue system for student information in Granada, (2004, Universität Granada)
  • Software tool for evaluation criteria in Machine Translation, (2004, Universität Granada)
  • Pattern matching algorithms in Example based machine translation, (2005, Universität Granada)
  • A Voice-XML application for touristic information about Granada, (2005, Universität Granada)
  • Statistical machine Translation Spanisch-German (2006, Universität Granada)
  • String-based matchin in Example-based Machine Translation (2007, Universität Granada)
  • A machine –aided translation system for ERASMUS-students (2011, Universität Granada)
  • Semantic ontological information search for ERASMUS-students (2011, Universität Granada)
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