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Before you download the old version of CDG (implemented in C): Do you really want to use this old version which is unmaintained? Check out jwcdg! It is maintained, runs on 64 bit systems, is faster and has a cleaned up code base.

Before downloading, you may want check the system requirements.The source code of the constraint dependency parser suite is published under the Gnu Public License and is copyright of The CDG Team (see the files THANKS and AUTHORS for a list of contributers to the CDG software).

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Package Content

This distribution contains:
  • the CDG commandline parser: cdgp
  • the graphical user interface and annotation tool: xcdg
  • a broad coverage constraint dependency grammar for German: deutsch.cdg
  • an example corpus to document all constraints of the German grammar: Beispiele.cdg
  • a small example dependency grammar: stellingen.cdg
  • language bindings to programm the CDG core system from within tcl/tk and perl
  • the Depdendency Synthesizer: depsy
  • the depsy plugins for the NEGRA and the WSJ corpus:,
  • a patch against NEGRA-2.0 to fix some of the most common errors: negra.diff
  • the CDG data analyzer: yada
  • the CDG Corpus Collection tools: ccc-annotate, ccc-parse, etc

For licensing reasons, this distribution does not contain:
  • the treebanks of the CDG Corpus Collection
  • the NEGRA and WSJ corpora precompiled into depdendency format;use the given depsy plugins to do that yourself(see manpages depsy(1), negraplugin(1) and pennplugin(1))


Version Date Type Files
jwcdg - nightly xxxx-xx-xx source tarball source tarball
jwcdg - nightly xxxx-xx-xx git urls GitLab
  2012-06-18 lexicon and hierarchies for builds > 2012-06-17 german-lexicon.tar.bz2
Stable Releases
cdg - 0.98 2012-05-16 sources (cmake version with garbage collector) cdg-0.98.tar.bz2
jwcdg - 1.0 2012-05-16 sources source tarball from gitorious or commit ef1cebd9 on GitLab
jwcdg - 1.0 2012-05-16 compiled jwcdg_precompiled_1.0.tar.xz
Old Releases
0.97-1 2011-05-17 sources cdg-0.97-1.tar.bz2
0.97 2011-03-23 sources cdg-0.97.tar.bz2
CVS checkout 2006-06-21 sources cdg-2006-06-21.tar.gz
Bootable iso file 2005-10-11 iso knoppix-2005-10-11.iso
0.95 aka "Leipzig" 2004-10-20 sources cdg-0.95-src.tar.gz
  2004-10-20 text ChangeLog
  2004-10-20 binary tar package cdg-0.95-bin.tar.gz
  2004-10-20 debian/sarge package cdg_0.95-1_i386.deb
  2004-10-20 rpm package cdg-0.95-2.i386.rpm
0.94 2004-04-06 source cdg-0.94.tar.gz
0.93 2004-01-23 source cdg-0.93.tar.gz
Statistical helper models
supervised PP attachment DB file ccc.pp
unsupervised PP attachment DB file taz.pp
alternative unsupervised model DB file zeitung.pp
shift-reduce rules DB file
A note for the historical packages: The binary packages forversion 0.95 are built on debian/sarge. The rpm packages are notverified to run on any SUSE distribution. You only got a chance ifyour system is based on glibc-2.3.2.Have a look at theREADME file for installation instructions.

System Requirements

The CDG is primarily developed for GNU/Linux and should run on any recent distribution(debian/squeeze, SUSE 11.4). To compile and run CDG, you need several other utilities and libraries on your system, besides the standard gnu development tools (i.e.gcc, flex, bison, m4, awk, sed, make). Note: cdg does not compile on 64 bit systems!

  • libdb-dev
  • libgc-dev
  • swig
  • tcl-dev
  • libreadline-dev
  • bison
  • flex
  • tk-dev
  • itcl
  • libberkeleydb-perl

If you want to use xcdg (the gui for cdg), you need to install:
  • tdom
  • iwidgets4

If you have problems with xcdg complaining about the wrong version of tcl, it could be that youhave two versions of tcl installed. In that case switch the default version:

under debian or ubuntu you can run=update-alternatives --config tclsh=as root and select the appropriate version. You need to to the same with wish.

Since cdg still (sadly!) uses latin1, you need to have the locale de_DE.ISO-8859-1 installed.

Using ubuntu:add the line de_DE ISO-8859-1 to /var/lib/locales/supported.d/localthen do dpkg-reconfigure locales

If you are using debian, the second command suffices. It will pop up a selection dialog where you can check de_DE.ISO-8859-1.

If you want to use (the wrapper script for the incremental hunpos POS tagger version), you also need to installrecode.

If you want to use TnT as POS tagger, you can download it from here:


If you have questions regarding cdg, please send an e-mail to

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