New Schedule

Schedule for each session:

15.15 - 16.45
17.00 - 18.30

The session on May 8th will most probably be a short one (15.15 - 16.45).

All times are Eastern Africa Time (EAT), i.e. local time of Addis Ababa


Date   Tasks Deadlines
15.2.2023 Wednesday Introduction  
17.2.2023 Friday ch. 2: Regular Expressions, Text Normalization, Edit Distance Questions and answers  
ch. 3: N-gram Language Models QA  
20.2.2023 Monday ch. 6: Vector Semantics and Embeddings QA  
22.2.2023 Wednesday ch. 5.1 - 5.7: Logistic Regression Questions for self-monitoring QA  
ch. 7: Neural Networks and Neural Language Models QM QA  
6.3.2023 Monday ch. 8.1-8.4 Sequence labeling QM QA  
ch. 9.1-9.5: RNNs and LSTMs QM QA  
8.3.2023 Wednesday ch. 9.7-9.8: RNNs and LSTMs QM QA Outline of the essay
ch. 13.1-13.3: Machine Translation QM QA  
10.3.2023 Friday ch. 10: Transformers and Pretrained Language Models QM QA  
ch. 13.4-13.6 Machine Translation QM QA  
13.3.2023 Monday ch. 14.5.-14.7: Question Answering and Information Retrieval QM  
ch. 16.1,16.3-16.5: Automatic Speech Recognition QM  
20.3.2023 Monday Mulualem Wordofa: Amharic semantic role labeling (morpheme based role assignment )  
    Yesuf Mohamed: Semantic role tagging for Under resourced language  
21.3.2023 Tuesday Addis Hailu: The impact of sentiment analysis on customer feedback management  
    Liyachew Edeti: Why are LSTM less powerful than transformer models?  
22.3.2023 Wednesday Dagne Minda: A Named Entity Recognition for Amharic  
    Destalem Hagos: Neural machine Translation for Low Resource Languages  
From here the 2nd revision of the schedule starts:
27.3.2023 Monday --- no meeting --- --- no deadline ---
10.4.2023 Monday --- no meeting --- Essay 1st draft
17.4.2023 Monday Tadesse Kassa: Morphological analysis for transformer-based translation between Ge'ez and Amharic Review of the draft version
    Discussion of the status of essay writing  
27.4.2023 Thursday --- no meeting --- Final version of the essay
8.5.2023 Monday final wrap up Review of the final version

Note on the questions for self-monitoring

Under the links behind the reading assignments I have compiled lists of questions which could help you to monitor your learning progress. If you can answer them, you have reached a sufficiently deep understanding of the concepts introduced in the respective chapter. If not, you should consult the relevant section again.

-- WolfgangMenzel - 26 Mar 2023
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