Schedule for each session:

9.15 - 10.45
11.00 - 12.30


Date Presenter Topic Deadline
2022-04-11 --- Introduction Assignment of topics  
2022-05-03 Netsanet Getachew Non-determinism and the string edit distance Protocol  
  Destalem Hagos Markov Chains Protocol  
2022-05-04 Siraj Mohammed Bilal Hidden Markov models Protocol  
  Bantegize Addis Context-free grammars Protocol  
2022-05-05 Birhaneselasie Abebe Chart parsing Protocol  
  Befekadu Bekuretsion Agonafir Dependency parsing Protocol  
2022-05-16 Tilahun Yshambel Wubie Learning of word representations Protocol Outline of the essay
  Tijani Usen Arebi Recurrent neural networks (RNN) Protocol  
2022-05-30 Netsanet Getachew History-sensitive RNNs    
  Abnet Shimeles Ibssa Learning of sentence representations  
2022-05-31 Tizita Zenebe Kebede Machine translation  
  Mulualem Wordofa Regessa Semantic role labeling  
2022-06-01 Yitayal Abate Aleka Co-reference resolution  
  Tilahun Abedissa Taffa Question answering  
2022-06-02 Liyachew Edeti Neural network models for speech recognition draft of the essay
    more lectures    
2022-06-13 --- Discussion of writing problems; Additional content 1st review of the essay
2022-06-27   Discussion of writing problems; Additional content; Summing up final version of the essay
*) --- --- 2nd review of the essay

*) to be scheduled

-- WolfgangMenzel - 11 Apr 2022
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