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Welcome to ACCSDS

The Workshop on Architectures for Conversationally Competent Spoken Dialogue Systems, organized by Timo Baumann will be held 5.-6. October 2012 in Hamburg.

The workshop seeks to bring together young researchers in the fields of Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Spoken Dialogue Systems and Software Architecture to discuss needs, prospects, and plans for future architectures for SDSs that help to improve the Conversational Competence of Spoken Dialogue Systems, i.e., their capabilities in areas such as turn-taking behaviour, alignment and rapport, multi-modality including para-linguistic signals, amicability, long-term relation building, and others.

While there will be a limited number of sponsored participants, we invite everyone else to send us an e-mail with a short statement of interest if you would like to participate.

Keynote speaker: Kristinn R. Thórisson





koerber logo This workshop is sponsored through the Körber Foundation in its programme for young researchers (Körber-Fonds Nachwuchsforschung) by a grant to Timo Baumann.

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