Local Information

Finding the Hotel

You are staying in the Arcade Hostel which is close to the informatics campus and can be reached easily from the airport and the main station. Local transportation details will follow.

  • from the airport, take express bus (Schnellbus) 39 in the direction of 'Teufelsbrück (Fähre)' and get off at 'Volksparkstraße'. The hostel is a bit to the south on Kieler Straße; you have to cross the huge intersection of Kieler Straße/Volksparkstraße diagonally to get to the other side of Kieler Straße.
  • from main station, take rapid train S21 in the direction of 'Elbgaustraße' and get off at 'Stellingen (Arenen)'. From there you can walk, or take the bus 22 for one stop to 'Volksparkstraße'.

View from the street (it's now Arcade Hostel, but still looking similar), the hostel is in the courtyard and looking much better than the front building:

Finding the Way to the Informatics Campus

The Informatics Campus is within walking distance (1 km, 15 minutes) of the hostel. See above.

  • from the main station, take subway U2 in the direction of 'Niendorf Markt/Nord' and get off at 'Hagenbecks Tierpark'. Take the exit that is furthest into the direction the train was going (north), and take the bus 181 or 281 in the direction of Krupunder and get off at 'Informatikum'.

Finding the Way to the Workshop Dinner

We will have dinner on Friday at Süßwasser, a restaurant right on the shores of the Elbe river. We will go there together by public transportation, but if you need to go on your own, you can either
  • go to S-Altona and take bus 112 to Övelgönne
  • go to S-Landungsbrücken and take the ferry 62 to Övelgönne (this is what the group will do)
then, walk towards the west (i.e., downstream) along the steet 'Övelgönne', the restaurant is in Övelgönne 38.

Public Transportation

Internet Connection

There is free Wifi at the hostel (please ask at the front desk for details), and you will be given Wifi access information when you register at the workshop.

at the Informatics Campus

  • connect to the (unsecured) UHH wireless network
  • setup a VPN connection:
    • type: PPTP
    • server: fbivpn.informatik.uni-hamburg.de
    • username/password: see "Benutzungserlaubnis" (also, please fill in your data and return to Timo or Niels)
    • NT Domain: INFORMATIK
    • make sure to use Point-to-Point encryption (MPPE)

-- TimoBaumann -- 18 Sep 2012
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