Literature recommendations

* Jurafsky, Dan and Martin, James H. (2008) Speech and Language Processing (2nd ed.) Prentice Hall. Selected draft chapters from the (upcoming) 3rd edition are available here.

* Bird, Steven; Ewan Klein, Edward Loper (2009) Natural Language Processing with Python, O'Reilly. This book is available as pdf, e.g. here. An updated html-version can be found here

Slides for the course

I will use a subset of the slides that can be found here. You are highly encouraged to browse the content and inform me about the things you are particularly interested in. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to produce the slides for Part 3 (and most probably will not be able to do so in the weeks ahead). Therefore, these topics can only be covered in a less systematic manner.

-- WolfgangMenzel - 25 Jul 2016
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