How to work with a Wiki

Wikis are platforms for active participation. You can contribute to the common information space by either creating a new topic (a new web page) and designing it according to your preferences, or by attaching a document (preferably in PDF-format) to an existing page.

Creating a new page/topic

A new page is created by inserting something like
[[WriteAWikiWordWhichContainsYourNameHere][write the anchor text to appear on the page here]]
into an existing page. This is rendered as write the anchor text to appear on the page here. If you now click on the anchor text, a new page is created with the WikiWord as its name and an editor is opened to fill the page with content. After saving the page a hyperlink from the anchor text to the new page is inserted.

Editing a page/topic

For editing a page two different editors are available. I highly recommend the WikiText editor, because the (standard) WSYSIWYG-editor produces an almost unintelligible spaghetti code (just in case you need to resort to the underlying WikiText for some reason). Clicking on the edit-button in the upper right corner or in the bottom-panel opens the WSYSIWYG-editor for the current page. The WikiText editor is activated by clicking on the edit-wikitext-button in the bottom panel of the page to be updated or by switching from the WSYSIWYG to the WikiText mode using the WIKI-TEXT button in the tools menu of the WSYSIWYG editor (the rightmost one in the second row).

Please also observe the text formatting guidelines available via the edit-help toggle on top of an edit page.

Attaching a document to a page/topic

A document can be attached to a page using the attach-buttons either in the upper right corner or in the bottom-panel.


In order to be able to edit a page or attach a document you need to be logged in. The login button can be found on the homepage of the natural systems group. You can reach the homepage through the NatS button in the access path on top of the page (between Informatik and MainWeb. If you want to create a private page (perhaps with stronger access and update restrictions) you can register at login with a personal account name and a password. You can then set page specific permissions. Currently, the whole AUU2016 web is open to the public for reading, but not for writing. The two pages containing personal information (Participants and Particpant contributions) are only visible and editable with the account name/password given to you.


When uploading your contributions to a non-private page make sure that the content is properly organized so that you and others can identify its authors and the kind of the contribution easily. This is particularly important, if you make use of attachments.

-- WolfgangMenzel - 27 Jul 2016
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